Moss removal programme

This is an example of a programme you could follow to get rid of moss, and prevent it coming back.

Autumn treatment: Early Autumn: Apply autumn fertiliser and mosskiller When moss has browned or blackened, scarify the lawn. Aerate with a garden fork or hollow tiner if necessary. Brush in a light lawn top-dressing of three parts loam, six parts sharp sand and one part peat substitute by volume If grass is sparse, lightly over-seed before applying the top-dressing, at a rate of 17-34g per sq m (½-1oz per sq yd) with new lawn seed

Spring treatment: Mid- to late March: Apply spring fertiliser and mosskiller during fine weather Early April: Lightly rake out dead moss Lightly over-seed sparsely grassed areas and lightly top-dress as above if necessary

Moss prevention

  • To prevent moss returning, encourage vigorous grass growth by feeding and regular lawn maintenance, paying particular attention to the following:

  • When seeding or laying a lawn in a shaded area, use a grass seed mix or turf specified for shady areas. Reducing shade will also help

  • For compacted areas use a garden fork to spike the lawn, or a mechanical slitter on large lawns. This will aerate the turf

  • On heavy soils use a manual or mechanical hollow-tiner in autumn to take out small plugs of soil every three or four years, and then brush in a mixture of three parts sandy loam, six parts sharp sand and one part peat substitute by volume

  • Avoid mowing grass too short

  • On very acid soils an application of garden lime at not more than 50g per sq m (1½oz per sq yd), will slightly reduce acidity and discourage moss

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