Tips on looking after your lawn

A good lawn brings all the elements of your garden together and creates a perfect area for fun and relaxation. It's easy to keep it looking good too.

  • Lawns can be mown at any time of the year if there is a spell of dry weather.

  • Mowing during January and February will leave the grass neat until March.

  • Moss-killer can be used, in the form of sulphate of iron or lawn sand, although it is better applied in autumn. It is too cold to use lawn weedkillers now.

  • Do not walk on a lawn surface when it is soggy or frozen as this can cause compaction of the soil which results in poor growth.

If you're deciding whether to create a new lawn from seed or lay turf, there are pros and cons to both. Seed isn't too expensive, but does take time to establish. Turf, on the other hand, gives you instant results and can be laid at any time of the year. Whichever method you choose we can help you in the process, your new lawn will need time to establish itself and plenty of watering.

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