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Earthlinks is committed to delivering a very high standard service to its customers from the design process through to its creation.


Garden Design

Earth Links offer a design service which is second to none. We take care and pride in every job we do, no matter what the size. We aim to design and construct an outdoor living space that will enhance your property for you to enjoy.

Earth Links are creative and innovative and have planning, style, structure, texture and seasonal interest.



The Design Process
Initial design consultation


  • To look at the garden/site.

  • Meet the client and obtain a brief.


Design estimate


  • From the initial design consultation the designer can calculate the design estimate.

  • This is set out in the points below.


Design process – the average garden requires:


  • Survey: Measuring, notes, photos – carried out by the designer

  • Base plan to scale

  • Outlined Design

  • Revisions

  • Final Plans

  • Detailed photo realistic images.


Earth Links also carry out detail planning application planting schemes and landscape designs, for new builds, domestic and commercial.


The maintenance of your garden is very important, be it newly constructed garden or an established garden. Earth Links carry out a range of maintenance options to suit your requirements. You can schedule regular visits such as:



  • Weekly

  • Fortnightly

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Annually



Lawns are laid using traditional methods such as sowing of grass seed or by supply and laying of pre-grown lawn turf
A maintenance visit will take into account all the necessary duties to have your garden looking its best throughout the seasons of the year.

Earth Links offers the following maintenance works:



  • Lawn mowing

  • Grass cutting

  • Strimming

  • Hedge cutting

  • Turfing

  • Tree and shrubs removal

  • Garden clearance

  • Tree pruning


Hard Landscaping Solutions


Our hard landscaping service include natural stone walling, paving, stone-cladded retention walls, raised beds, trellis screening, timber fencing (panel and custom built),
Great attention is paid to the detailing of our hard landscaping works and together with a thoughtful selection of plants results in superb compositions

Increasingly lighting is a popular addition to many gardens whether this is the practical but functional aspect of illuminating Driveways and Front gardens to the more subtle but sometimes dramatic lighting effects of specimen plants and feature trees. We provide lighting solutions that are safe mains operated fittings with a range of switching options (manual, semi-automatic, automatic) that are simple but practical to operate, provide lighting where and how it is needed but using the latest technologies for optimum performance but energy efficient.


Water Features

Water adds a new dimension to any garden. We design and construct water features in a range of styles and sizes. Always eye catching and because of the mesmerizing and soothing appeal and sound of running water, it is no surprise that on or near your alfresco area is the most popular position for the water feature. Water is a very important element and no garden is complete without the sound of water gently cascading over metal, glass or stones.

Semi Mature Tree Planting and Wildflowers

Earth Links offer a comprehensive service for the supply and planting of Semi-Mature trees, we will assist you in selecting and sourcing trees suitable for your specific requirements. We can provide quotations, general and technical information and after sales support.


We promote, wherever possible, the planting of wildflowers, grasses, wetland plants, and the sowing of seeds. In keeping with the surrounding environment and to encourage wild life into your garden. We can source from a range of specialist organic suppliers any material which could be a special requirement for a site.


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